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Cherished customers and community of changemakers,

Thinking of you and hoping this week you have a little F.U.N! FuckUp Nights is a global movement that represents transparency, vulnerability and empathy taking its place in corporate culture. Its Failure Institute highlights the work of Dr. Carol Dweck on the Growth Mindset for increased motivation and ability when facing challenges. In events across the world, stories of failed businesses, projects and careers are now told and questioned in more than 300 cities and 90 countries, and we’re honored to represent Montréal

With heightened value and importance on putting community first during the challenge of COVID-19, gathering in a space of psychological safety to talk about what’s hard is a responsibility and privilege we’re taking to heart. Join us this Thursday April 23rd via Zoom or LIVE for the first Fuckup Nights Canada Quarantine Edition on the topic of #Startups, presented by F.U.N. Montréal, Hamilton, Vancouver and Victoria!

Wishing you resilience on behalf of the entire Commetta collective,

Safe, FUN, and online Fuckup Nights events! In order to keep our global community safe, we’ve paused our social gatherings and events, to avoid any risk in the midst of this current sanitary situation. Instead of sharing handshakes and viruses in our events, we’ve decided to keep sharing the failure online!


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