Tina Tenneriello

Tina’s a bilingual multimedia journalist who’s passionate about using media for social change. With over a decade of work experience & education in journalism & marketing, she works on every aspect of developing multimedia content: from strategy to production. At Commetta, she develops content, from a to z, to help social entrepreneurs & businesses make […]

Victor Bertrand-Ouellette

Victor is jack-of-all-trades by definition. With a background in the restaurant industry and a passion for creative endeavors, Victor has always been able to balance their entrepreneurial reality with their artistic interests. They’ve worked in the circus and drag scene, in makeup, styling, art direction and performance art. This contact with the different artistic spheres […]

Henri Bertrand-Ouellette

Passionate about the way people interact and tell their stories, Henri uses collective experience at the centre of their brand interaction approach. Seduced by nightlife, artists and audiences, Henri discovered a world where they worked for years as producer and lead communicator on a number of productions. In 2019, Henri and Victor founded STUDIO ZX, […]

Karen Storr

At Commetta Karen drives Visual Communications, helping clients bring ideas to life and solve problems through visuals.  She works on everything from websites and visual identities to social media graphics and brand collateral. Karen is passionate about the work she does, the community she serves, and the collaborators she works with.  She hopes to create […]