Karen Storr


At Commetta Karen drives Visual Communications, helping clients bring ideas to life and solve problems through visuals.  She works on everything from websites and visual identities to social media graphics and brand collateral.

Karen is passionate about the work she does, the community she serves, and the collaborators she works with.  She hopes to create beautiful designs and work on meaningful, positive-impact projects.  From designers to strategists, project managers, developers, and collaborators, Karen believes we can make each other better every day.

Karen uses Design Thinking (it’s a thing, look it up) to create intuitive, purposeful, and innovative experiences.  She believes that strategic thinking is the foundation for outstanding creative work.  Karen is always up for exploring new ideas, trying new styles, and seeking out new sources of inspiration.

She lives in the beautiful Laurentians, where she’s a certified snowboard instructor, an amateur cake decorator, & a mama to Felix. Learn more about Karen at karenstorr.com