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No two stars occupy the exact same position within the universe, and similarly, your company’s place in digital space is distinct from any other.

Whether you need a new company logo, fresh website copy, your first-ever social media account, or something else to get further, Commetta’s Biznest services can help. We respect your team’s current skills, resources, and capacities, and that’s why we offer our clients much more than just one-size-fits-all marketing packages.
We welcome you to browse through our list of à la carte services, which can be customized to individual or bundles arrangements. And if you don’t see your specific needs addressed on this list, we encourage you to contact us to see what we can do.
Thank you for considering Commetta Inc. We’re honored to help you shine online.
Our services include:

● SEO Metadata Coaching
● Social Media Setups & Content Banks
● Newsletter Template Design
● Web Strategy, SiteMaps & Landing Pages
● Commetrics Dashboards

Please note: Back-end web programming and link building is not included in our à la carte web development services. We’re happy to provide custom quotes on SEO optimization.

SEO Copy Editing & Coaching

When it comes to digital messaging, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Commetta writers are well-versed in translating your strategic goals into compelling copy for your audiences. We’re happy to start with a blank page, or we can edit and optimize your existing copy — whatever works for you. We’ll make sure your text is integrated with SEO keywords, and we can translate copy into English, French, or Spanish.

Social Media Setups & Content Banks

You have three seconds to make a first impression online. Let Commetta help you put your brand’s best face forward on a wide range of social media platforms. We can design, create, and connect your social media accounts and position your content in a way that will optimize engagement. Most importantly, we’ll teach you best social media practices that will help you focus on building relationships with potential clients and media contacts. Our social media setup service includes art, profiles, and sample posts.

Email Marketing Templates

At Commetta, we respect the importance of the inbox. Your email newsletter is a crucial opportunity to connect and strengthen your relationship with your audience, and we’ll help you maximize the potential of your contact lists and databases. We can design and customize a newsletter template just for you, as well as develop your corporate style and brand identity. Our team will ensure your newsletter’s multilingual capability, and we offer custom coding and newsletter integration with your website.

Website Strategy, Sitemaps & Growth Driven Design

Your website is your audience’s window into your company’s credibility. Commetta can review your existing web presence and web management practices, and we’ll identify opportunities you may be missing. We’ll examine your visitor engagement, calls to action, landing pages, conversion goals, value propositions, client personas, SEO, site maps, and navigation. And together with you, we can design a website layout, social conversion path, and content strategy that will optimize your resources for efficiency and impact — and take full advantage of your website’s potential as a powerful sales tool.

Commetrics Dashboards

Reach, impressions, views, recommendations — digital marketing metrics are designed to sound upbeat, trendy, and desirable. We all want to be “liked” and “followed.” We all want others to “engage” with our messages. We all want to be “influencers” in our industries. Commetrics Dashboards aggregate your traffic across all digital platforms and help you interpret that traffic in ways that can direct how you adapt your website and messaging strategy over the long-term.

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