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Everything we do is by entrepreneurs,
for entrepreneurs

At Commetta, everything we do is by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We know what it’s like to build your own business from the ground up, and we admire your dedication to doing so much of the work yourself.

The vision for Commetta Inc. was born when Founder & CEO Natalie Riviere began mentoring fellow entrepreneurs on how to better market themselves online. And that do-it-yourself model is still at the core of our mission. To better serve you, we offer a range of DIY resources to get your message online as quickly and efficiently as possible.
These tools are designed to help you get started. And whenever you’re ready to expand your digital messaging strategy and tactics, we’ll be here to help.

● Digital Marketing Classes
● Virtual Coaching
● DIY Templates

Please note: Back-end web programming and link building is not included in our DIY and à la carte web development services. We’re happy to provide custom quotes on SEO optimization.

Digital Marketing Classes

We help the helpers.
Commetta classes can be customized to your team’s needs. We offer one-on-one sessions for small-business owners who are responsible for their own marketing, as well as corporate training seminars so that larger teams can learn together. We also offer specialized advice for managers who are looking to recruit and retain top marketing talent.
Whether you’re a solo-preneur or part of a large team, you don’t have to go it alone. Commetta’s Biznest Centre is honored to help light your path toward a brighter message.
Stay tuned for more information about Commetta’s
upcoming online classes and certification programs.

Virtual Coaching

Taming the Wild Wild Web
Mentoring others is a core passion for Commetta Founder & CEO Natalie Riviere — primarily because she didn’t have a mentor of her own during her early days as a health and wellness entrepreneur in Montreal. “Everyone told me to make a business plan, but that was it,” she says. “I taught myself how to market my business online, and my peers started coming to me for advice.”
Natalie noticed immediately that few of her mentees had the training or skills necessary to build and maintain a website in the early days of the World Wide Web. So that’s where she started, and over time, Natalie’s advocacy for web marketing evolved into hands-on training and support for a wide range of digital topics and tools.
Today, Natalie is a sought-after speaker and trainer on web marketing trends, including social media, relationship management, SEO, data-driven growth, email newsletters, web content strategy, and much more. Think of her as the Robin Hood of digital training: She takes the latest information on best web practices and gives it to those who need it most.
“There’s room for everyone to be online, to bring their vision and work together,” Nat says. “That’s why I do this, to make this information accessible and fair and give everyone the equal opportunity to shine.”

DIY Templates

Chart your own story. We’ll provide the map.
At Commetta, we hold two values above all others: education and equality. We believe that everyone who wants to change the world for the better deserves the digital resources they need to share their message and make a real difference.
Utilize these Do It Yourself templates to build your Biznest:

● Web Design
● Email Marketing
● Social Media Relations
● Search Engine Optimization
● Analytics

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